ZeroBS MasterClass Moto Trials Training

Published: June 15, 2022
Author/Pilot: Dallas Fischer
Category Tags: POWERSPORTS

Looking for instruction or training for moto trials? Make sure to check out events hosted by Bernie Schreiber around the world.

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Bernie has always believed that every off-road motorcycle rider can improve and the real enjoyment is the challenge to be the best that you can be. It is no surprise that people from all over the world seek his philosophy and instruction on his sport. Bernie’s passion is to help any rider with the desire to improve and his students have won the world championship, national championships and amateur Trials. Bernie works with you on every aspect of the sport to improve potential, accuracy and consistency. The stance, turns, steps and mental control is strongly emphasized to help everyone lower their scores. To develop a complete rider, all the aspects and course management skills are mastered with each and every rider.

As a student progresses through their training, Bernie instructs them on how to understand what their bike is doing by analyzing their position which is really the cornerstone to becoming your own best teacher. Each student learns how to practice, how to pick a section line, find the areas that need the most improvement and most importantly how to think and act like a Champion.

ZeroBS MasterClass Moto Trials Training | Pipestone, Montana