2022 Montana Scenic Calendar
Support youth drone education by purchasing our 2022 Montana scenic calendar which features aerial photographs from the MDC pilot team. Proceeds go towards the continuing outreach to schools and youth organizations in MT to promote technology, drone industry, and rules & regulations to fly safe.

Drone Project: Cattle, Matrice 300, Thermal Camera
Montana Drone Company helped out the Ohio software company called Cattle Quants to perform a number of autonomous drone flights over central MT ranches to acquire both regular RGB images along with thermal captures.

October 2021 Photo of the Month | Montana Drone Photos
Fall colors are short lived in Montana, but the Treasure State does shine with some beautiful colors. Our photo category for October 2021 was to capture the fall colors and our MT drone pilots did a fantastic job of capturing some of the beautiful scenery. Which one is your favorite?

Filming A Corn Maze With Drones
Filming Corn Mazes and Community Events! #PilotSchwartz visited Edgewater Farms this week to showcase all they have to offer and how drones can be used to gain a unique perspective for fun event!

Drone Mapping a Skiing Chair Lift in Big Sky MT
MDC was hired to complete a drone mapping of the Ramcharger ski chair lift at the Big Sky Resort in Montana. We currently use DroneDeploy as our drone mapping software and flew the project with a Phantom 4 Pro v2 drone.

September 2021 Photo of the Month | Montana History Photos
Montana is known as the Treasure State as the roots can be traced back to many settlers coming to the area to mine for gold, silver, and copper. We highlighted two areas this month which features Virgina City and Elkhorn.

August 2021 Photo of the Month | Top Down Views
Straight down viewing shots from a drone are one of the coolest perspectives to check out items while flying in the sky. Our August photo category was to capture aerial photographs from this perspective and submit to our audience to vote for their favorite shot. Which one do you like? Vote on Facebook!

Product Video Production Services for Montana Businesses
Looking for a product videographer in Montana? Then you found us and we're ready to take on your project to bring your idea to reality. We are a full video production team that can storyboard and generate multiple types of shots to represent your products and your brand. Contact us today!

What is a TFR? Temporary Flight Restrictions
A TFR is an acronym for Temporary Flight Restriction. TFRs are issued by the FAA to restrict aircraft operations within designated areas. A TFR is issued almost immediately around any disaster where emergency air traffic is needed to fly in the area. One of the things that results in a TFR is a forest wildfire.

July 2021 Photo of the Month
Events across Montana are back this summer and our drone pilots took some aerial photographs of a couple events they attended. If you know any event coordinators then let them know about us and we can take some aerial photographs to help promote the Montana event for years to come.

MT Drone Co Provides Missoula Girl Scouts Basic Drone Education
Pilot Koppen from Missoula donated his time to chat with the girl scouts about the basics of drones and the industry. Montana Drone Company continues to offer free outreach talks to youth organizations around the state as a way for others to understand the drone industry in Montana.

June 2021 Photo of The Month
Showing our support for agriculture in June 2021 with our photo category being watering pivots. June was abnormally hot in Montana this year and the farmers with pivots to water their fields had some good crops.

May 2021 Photo of the Month
Let the sunshine begin! Our photo category in May was TOWERS so our drone pilots set out to take some aerial photos of fire lookout towers, historic towers, and other structural towers that represent a community. All these towers are over 40 feet high which makes an aerial photograph the perfect way to capture them.

2021 Virtual Farm Fair in Bozeman, Montana
MT Drone Company and the Gallatin Valley Ag committee teamed up to create 7 videos this year to provide a virtual Farm Fair instead of the regular class field trip. The Farm Fair was canceled again in 2021 because of Covid-19 concerns and this could have created multiple years in a row missing out on the education.

April 2021 Photo of the Month
As the Montana scenery starts to green up in the spring then the number of projects for MDC expands and we hit the road more so we decided to feature roads/highways this month. Check out some highway aerial photos from our Montana drone pilots this month.

What Types of Drones Does Montana Drone Company Use?
Many drone pilots will have one maybe two types of drones but nowadays Montana Drone Company pilots are equipped with three! Pilot Schwartz does an overview of each of these drones and their uses within Montana Drone Company.

March 2021 Photo of the Month
Montana is full of rivers across the state and we decided in March of 2021 to capture some River Connections. Check out the selected aerial photos from our Montana drone pilots this month.

February 2021 Photo of the Month
Bridges are structures built to span a physical distance over water or land. In February 2021, we decided to do bridge photography as our category of the month. Check out the selected aerial photos from our Montana drone pilots this month.

How cold of weather can you fly your drone?
Pilot Fischer highlights the past couple of weeks where he went from 60 degrees to -6 and back to 32 for a range of video projects. How cold of weather can you fly your drone? Montana Drone Company continues to perform flights for all kinds of projects throughout the winter even during some cold temperatures.

2021 Montana Drone Aerial Photography Photos of the Month
Every month for 2021 Montana Drone Company selects and releases a photo of the month. All drone pilots submit a photo for consideration, but only one is chosen. Montana Drone Company employs the most full-time drone pilots and provides full coverage for Montana to complete aerial photography and video services.

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