Power Line Pole Replacement Timelapse | GoPro Hero 8 Footage
Every company is in need of content and nothing beats engagement like video! Some things are best viewed sped-up and that's where the time-lapse shines! Rarely do we get to see the process of some professions, but this time-lapse shows start to finish the process of replacing a power line pole.

Pumpkin Hot Air Balloon!
Giant pumpkin sighting in Bozeman, Montana! Endeaver Ballooning wanted to test out the look of their new hot air balloon at night so they blew up the pumpkin shaped balloon at the Gallatin Center near Costco on September 25th, 2019.

Mountain Sunset With Rolling Clouds Timelapse
MDC provides full video production and timelapse videos can be a cool segment for a variety of videos. Check out this timelapse video clip of a mountain sunset with rolling clouds in the sky. MDC uses GoPro's to setup at different points to capture timelapses.

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