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As a business owner, you want to make sure that every marketing dollar you spend helps your company to bring in new customers. We work within your budget to create videos and a marketing campaign to best suit your spending goals and your business goals. The problem with most video production companies is they tend to promote only high-end productions all the time. We work with a wide range of Montana businesses from the individual business owner to large million dollar businesses. Why? Our team has the skillset to help every type of business and we're here to support you.

Video Marketing is the #1 Way to Improve Your Business Exposure

We make all kinds of different video content

We're an entire marketing team. Let's show off your brand!

Professional audio produced with lav mics

Production costs range
from $299 to $5000

We Offer Monthly Marketing Discount Packages

Check out our incredible marketing packages to increase your business brand. The key to marketing is consistency of showcasing your business service, products, projects, and lifestyle so people know your name and offerings. We can help make multiple short videos and post to your social media channel of choice and even your website. Through these short videos we will then have quality b-roll footage (extra footage) to create a branding video or other promotional content. Develop a better following by providing consistent content and improve your overall business exposure.


Monthly Content Shoot
4 Hours
Generate 1 short video
We post to 1 social media platform & YouTube
22% Discount


Bi-Weekly Content Shoots
8 Hours
Generate 2 short videos
We post to 1 social media platform & YouTube
30% Discount


Regular Content Shoots
12 Hours
Generate 3 short videos
We post to 1 social media platform & YouTube
33% Discount


Weekly Content Shoots
16 Hours
Generate 4 short videos
We post to 1 social media platform & YouTube
38% Discount

* Monthly marketing packages require a 2-month minimum retainer to receive the listed discounted pricing.

We film everything! Give us a challenge!
Guaranteed to not find more adventurous videographers!

Get your next project off the ground! Let us film for you!

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