Bitterroot Brewery Livin; Lite Advertisement
Get hooked on Livin' Lite, Bitterroot Brewery's rendition of a brew that offers full hop fuel flavor with less calories and carbs so you can keep sipping all season long. Jordan Koppen of Montana Drone Company produced this advertisement video for Bitterroot Brewery.

Draught Works Hoppy Mixed 12 Pack Product Video
Jordan showcases his ability to bring a local Product Video to life for one of the local breweries in Missoula! In this video, he uses his creative talents to dream up unique eye catching shots to help potential craft brewery lovers to try out their products!

Nite Owl Coffee Liquor by Montgomery Distillery
Check out this product video for Montgomery Distillery and their Nite Owl Coffe Liqueur. Made from sun-dried Oaxaca beans grown at high altitude and roasted by Black Coffee Roasting Company, Nite Owl's varietal blend carries notes of dried chocolate and ripe strawberry.

Pineapple Express Product Video for Draught Works
Jordan Koppen produced this product commercial for Draught Works Brewery in Missoula, Montana.

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