Wild West Off Road Race Series | MT Drone Co Official Pilots

Published: April 17, 2020
Author/Pilot: Dallas Fischer

The 2020 Wild West Off Road Race Series is gearing up for the race season. Montana Drone Company will be the official drone pilots for the series in 2020 and Dallas Fischer will be the host / live broadcaster for all the video footage. Check out the promo from footage we gathered last year.

The races feature multiple divisions of trucks and UTVs. Racers came from all over the western US and even come down from Canada. The Big Sky 200 is ran in conjuction with the Ultra 4 Race series which adds some more rock crawling action to the race.

The idea of adding more video footage to the race series is to show a broader audience what all the racers have to navigate through. With most of the tracks spanning a large distance, all spectators usually only get to which one section and a couple turns of the race track. With the addition of drone pilots and providing live coverage we're opening to show our spectators more of the racing similar to the large race series, but the attempt will be done with limited production equipment.

Follow the YORR facebook or instragram pages for promo footage or follow the Montana Drone Company YouTube channel for the release of footage.

Wild West Off Road Race Series | MT Drone Co Official Pilots