Ron Carlstrom | 2022 Gallatin County Ag Service Award Winner

Published: March 11, 2022
Author/Pilot: Dallas Fischer

Ron Carlstrom came to the Gallatin Valley to begin work as the Gallatin County Ag- Extension Agent in 1993. He served in that capacity for nearly 20 years until retiring from the extension service in 2012. Ron and his wife Debra are now farming and ranching in Willow Creek, where they raise Red Angus & Hereford cross calves, put up hay and harvest wheat on an irrigated and dryland operation.

During his time as the county extension agent, Ron served as the secretary for the Gallatin Beef Producers board of directors and has continued to serve as a board member since his retirement. Ron is an active volunteer for his church and provides great counsel and wisdom to many of the new neighbors and landowners who have relocated to the Willow Creek area.

Ron will be quick to tell you that he enjoyed his time serving agriculture in the Gallatin Valley because of the satisfaction he was able to get from helping people access the knowledge and resources they needed to address a challenge or project in their own operations. He will also be quick to tell you that no two operations are alike and that the ability to work with producers and landowners on their unique situations is very rewarding.

Ron Carlstrom is committed to finding and sharing the knowledge and resources need for success in agriculture. His efforts during his time in the Gallatin Valley have been observed and appreciated by many members of our farm and ranch community and his 2022 Service to Agriculture award is very well deserved.

Ron Carlstrom | 2022 Gallatin County Ag Service Award Winner