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Evening In Science | Montana Drone Company Showing Off Our Flight Simulator

Published: March 2, 2022
Author/Pilot: TJ Schwartz
Category Tags: EVENTS,NEWS

Montana Drone Company was asked to attend the Evening In Science hosted by the Montana Science Center. Here groups and individuals from all realms of technology got together to showcase what they do and how science is a part of it in an effort to raise funding for the Montana Science Center.

Montana Drone Company was delighted to be a part of the event and brought a variety of drones to show the attendees what being a drone pilot in Montana is all about and how we use drone technology to help local businesses and programs in Montana. #PilotSchwartz represented Montana Drone Company and brought with him the flight simulator we used to help train our FPV pilots before flying in the real world. The FPV flight simulator allows us to show what flying a drone would be like without having any real world consequences in the event of a crash. Attendees got the opportunity to wear the goggles and use the actual flight controller for the FPV drone during the simulation. The challenge after getting comfortable with the controls was to fly through a window in one of the environments various obstacles. Many attendees attempted but only two out of the many guests were successful. The evening concluded with the Montana Science Center raising over 20,000 dollars for their funding by just attendee donations alone, the total donations have yet to be released. 

Montana Drone Company had a great time showing various guests a sample of what it's like to fly drones and teach all about our various work around the state. We are excited to be a part of other education programs such as Starbase in an effort to teach STEM programs to all ages.