2021 Virtual Farm Fair | Bozeman, Montana

2021 Virtual Farm Fair | Bozeman, Montana

Published: May 21, 2021
Author/Pilot: Montana Drone Company
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MT Drone Company and the Gallatin Valley Ag committee teamed up to create 7 videos this year to provide a virtual Farm Fair instead of the regular class field trip. The Farm Fair was canceled again in 2021 because of Covid-19 concerns and this could have created multiple years in a row missing out on the education. The Ag committee approached MDC about doing some of the stations as a video series and MDC agreed to complete the series with the majority of work being in-kind donation of video services.

The Farm Fair is an all-day continuing education program for fourth grade elementary school students. The goal is to educate the growing urban population on the role and benefits of agriculture, through the experiences of students and educators. In 2019, the Farm Fair served nearly 1,200 fourth grade students. The Farm Fair was canceled in 2020 due to Covid-19 and was once again scrapped for in person education in 2021 due to concerns.

Please visit https://www.gvfarmfair.org for more information about the Gallatin Valley Farm Fair.



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